Do góry

The first free app that helps you find buddies to play and enables you to communicate with them by voice or text. Do not waste your time - keep everything in one place.

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None of your friends have time to play? You can now search for players all around the world!

  • Check the basic preferences of the player (games, platform, language, time, and level)...
  • as well as their additional information and evaluation to make a decision.
  • Create a player profile in just a few seconds!

Find a perfect match

  • Filter and browse players easily.
  • Play your favorite games.
  • Decide how many buddies you want to play with.

Create channels and lists of friends, build your great team!

  • Communicate directly - by text or voice - with other players.
  • Set up channels for more players, play with your buddies or team.
  • Manage your friends list.

Communicate faster and more conveniently

  • Use a simplified interface to avoid repeating the same steps.
  • Send information quickly to start the game.
  • Add new players to existing channels or create new ones.

You are just one click away from connecting with other players and becoming an early beta tester!